First New Moon Broadcast

Tomorrow from 3-5 pm est, Radio iBoD/dejacusse will stream live soundscape improvisations from The Field, Ripplemaker (see graphic), and Novation Launchpad. This is the time of the New Moon when that bright, white orb is hidden by the shadow of the Earth. This is the time of new beginnings and powerful resets. I intend to cultivate transparency (What am I hiding?), vulnerability (What am I protecting?) and an expansive point of view which allows all to be.

I have written in previous posts about Ripplemaker and Novation Launchpad. Ripplemaker is an iPad synthesizer which is a wonderful template to learn about sound synthesis. The little I know about what I am doing comes from playing with Ripplemaker and studying Patch and Tweak, the amazing book on all things synthesizer! Novation Launchpad is an iPad app that is a groove box with lots of opportunities for beat driven soundscapes.

The Field has evolved over the past couple of years. It emanates from the Audiorigami template, and turns that template inside out and sideways. The substance of The Field is “all of the waveforms,” so the entire sonic spectrum of frequencies is available here. Much of 21st Century science is pointing loudly at the vibrational essence of everything!! The audible sonic spectrum covers over 10 octaves and is present wherever there is any kind of atmosphere, including gases. The Field includes all frequencies equally; it is a level playing ground. Audiorigami began with The Fold, and all of that folding landed us in The Field. The Field is vast and continually shifting and moving in many directions. The Field is alive, it inhabits space-time, and – its electric!

Control voltages are a primary instigator of waveforms, while the shape of the wave enhances and diminishes harmonics in sound frequency spectra. Musicians work with harmonics all the time, but usually as a secondary consideration to the production of melody and song structure. Out here in The Field, it is the interplay of harmonic frequencies that takes center stage. It is the folding/unfolding/stretching/pulsating of timbre itself that is our focus. At times, melodies and patterns emerge, and then they pull apart and disintegrate. In The Field, all of the waveforms are available for transmission to audio cortices, so this is a place to begin transmission.

I knew synthesizers were for me when I heard musicians talk about how hard they are to keep in tune! Synthesizers are living beings and as such, they are constantly attuning in the moment. Their sound is evoked via responsive relationships which involve a great deal of attention and allowing. The Field, made up of my current synthesizer set up, offers up the frequencies, and my role is to shepherd frequencies through all audio cortices (and beyond!) by studying and demonstrating the attunement process as it moves through The Field. How this all works depends on the components that make up The Field. For tomorrow’s broadcast The Field is comprised of the West Pest from Cre8te Audio, the Moog Subharmonicon, and the Make Noise O-Control. I intend to improvise for the entire time.

Here is the link to the web player for the streaming broadcast. It is only live during the hours of broadcasting, so tune in tomorrow between 3-5pm est!

As always, my deepest thanks for listening!