who I am

dejacusse AKA Jude Casseday (soundscape artist/electronic musician) is deeply in love with vibration in the form of sound and music. Memories of her first tape recorder (age 8) rekindled an interest in celebrating all sound as music through recorded samples and the wonderful sonic playground known as Ableton Live.

dejacusse produces original sound pieces and music for dance, film, art events and movement classes and workshops. From 2015 to 2019, the band iBoD (the idiosyncratic beats of dejacusse ft. Eleanor Mills on harmonicas, melodica and bells; Susanne Romey on flutes, recorders and keyboards; Jim Kellough on digital horn; and dejacusse on soundscape, uke, NA flute, keyboards) created Nested Soundscapes in various acoustic spaces around Durham and Chapel Hill. In 2019, Playing by Ear with Lisa Means became a further iteration of iBoD.

Since 2014, dejacusse has explored the Fold as the smallest unit of “moving matter” by sculpting folds into soundscapes. This work was developed in conjunction with Glenna Batson’s Human Origami movement workshops, and is now available as an album Audiorigami (Meditations on the Fold) @ Bandcamp/dejacusse and all other music outlets.

An exciting new direction for 2019 was data sonification for the Sourdough Project through Rob Dunn Labs at NC State University. The album RISE: Sonic Sketches from Sourdough Cultures was released on Bandcamp and all major music platforms in the Spring of 2021.


As of April 2019, I do not know who I am. All of the above is still happening, and I do not know who I am.

March 2021 – settling into riding the oscillations, keeping track of some of the ride in this blog, who am I? is a never ending wonder, I deeply appreciate your company right now

April 2022 – spending time Loosing My Mind and Playing The Field, out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing. Meet me there!!β€οΈπŸ™πŸŒŠπŸŒ

4 thoughts on “who I am

  1. Thanks for following The Immortal Jukebox Jude I hope you have found some entertaining music and writing and perhaps made some discoveries. If its been a while since you last visited come on over! Good luck with your Intriguing new blog. Regards Thom


    • Hey Thom,
      thanks for visiting. I have a few blogs I follow, but my Reader does not make it easy to find them. I need to get hooked up with you via email so I know when you post. I enjoy your perspective on music in the world. Best to you!

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  2. Amelia Huerta says:

    Hi Jude! My name is Amelia and I came across your blog in my online research about the 11th Harmonic. I have a question for you about this topic and would love to connect as a fellow human who is passionate about sound and developing my understanding of it! Much appreciation for your dedication to this topic and sharing your understanding via this blog!!!!!

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    • Hey Amelia
      Thanks for the shoutout! I would love to talk with another resonant human about soundscapes and their materials. I sent you an email at the address on the comment. Hope to hear from you dejacusse


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