Radio iBoD/dejacusse Web Player

Tap the link above and when the web-player comes up tap the play button.

Thank you so much for listening!!

Full Moon/New Moon Broadcasts are LIVE during the 2 hours around the Full Moon/New Moon Zenith. Here are the dates/est times for upcoming 2023 Full Moon/New Moon Broadcasts:

FM- June 6 Tuesday 11 pm – 1 am

NM- June 17 Sat Midnight to 2 am Sunday

In addition, dejacusse jumps into The Field for some tuning in and out, continuing exploration of the timbrel folds of waveforms and Control Voltages and midi, oh my!! These excursions happen spontaneously and are like arks of sound carrying my vibrational prayers out into the fabulous cosmos!!! So if you are here, tap the link, and then tap the player- if the message says no broadcast then try again at another time , but if sound comes through join me in prayer!! I am listening deeply to CV controlled waveforms, rolling them over and stretching them apart. This activity is like finding a geode in a stone- one slight turn of a knob, or a repatching of signals and BOOM!! a whole new unexpected world opens up. And we are free to explore it during the broadcast!

Also, there is always room for more so play/sing/dance along!