The F/o\ld-Audiorigami Chapter-Sound Samples

The following sound examples illustrate sonic gestures featured in the chapter Audiorigami: Folding Sound, Sounding the Folds from the book Embodied Processes in Art Making: The F/ol\d

Sound Sample 1- The basic musical interval sounds a beginning fold gesture.

Sound Sample 2 – Rising and falling tones in various voices overlap

Sound Sample 3 – one voice overtakes another voice

Sound Sample 4 – 11th Harmonic interval (with echo)

Sound Sample 5 – Section of First Folds created in response to Human Origami Jam dancers.

Sound Sample 7 – Three 4 minute excerpts from a Human Origami Jam in February of 2019. The excerpts demonstrate the interplay of Glenna’s verbal guidance and the soundscape over time. This was recorded after the release of Audiorigami: Meditations on The Fold so the sonic material is new, but you can hear many of the basic sonic gestures illustrated in previous samples.