Voices from Eris – Various Artists

Voices from Eris is a compilation of women electronic artists from around the world. The brainchild of Margaret Harmer of Shifting Waves Studio in Geneva, Switzerland, the album is a cauldron of sound shapes that interweave and connect far beyond the individual voices of each woman. You will hear the song of rocks, sirens, the trapped and the free. You will hear the sound of the deconstruction of patriarchal structures, and the spinning of new and dynamic sonic forms that are flexible and expansive.

Here is a link to the crowdfunding site for the album, where Margaret illuminates the inspirations behind the album title, the larger signifigances of “Eris”, and why we feel compelled to express ourselves at this moment in time.


This is not your typical music album, so I feel the need to help you hear exactly what it is we are doing. Unfortunately, many people bring their “music” ears to these pieces, with all the evaluative frames entailed in “listening to music.” These frames interfer with the listener’s ability to access sound paintings. If you have ever experienced Magic Eye paintings, then you know that looking at them with “what is this a picture of?” eyes makes the form of the picture completely inaccessible. In order to see deeply into a Magic Eye painting, one has to relax the gaze, soften the eyes, and surrender mind/awareness, only then will the form in the painting emerge. When this same kind of deep gaze can be translated to a deep listening – the soundscapes become mesmerizing and create new worlds in the brain ear.

On behalf of all of the artists on the album, I appreciate your love, respect and support for this project! Help us make it happen!!

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